Timothy Bays

Hello and welcome, I'm Timothy Bays, I have been a working musician and songwriter for probably way too long now but its what I do, we seem to finally be coming to an end to easily the worst year of my life the pandemic has taken such an awful toll, but the light at the end of the tunnel is becoming brighter and brighter.

 I have posted below some tunes that I play, cover tunes if you will, it seems every tune I play has a bit of an island feel to it, its kinda my jam and I hope you enjoy them, I also will post a few of my original tunes as well.

please feel free to jump to my contact page to say hello or leave me a message.

thanks for stopping by I wish you and yours nothing but love and happiness.



here are some original tunes enjoy!

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I probably know a 1000 songs and I know people always like to hear something familiar so here is just a couple cover songs!